2018 Foals
We are expecting several top-quality colts and fillies this year in a variety of colors and coat patterns. As we anxiously await the beginning of foaling season, we look forward to foals sired by our Colonel Hotrodder son Sonitas Hot Socks. A $500 deposit will hold foals with a contracted monthly payment plan. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like additional information.

Sonitas Hot Socks and Stormy Dream Catcher
Phoenix - Bay leopard colt born 3-13-18
This gorgeous bay leopard colt is our first foal of the year, and boy are we pleased! His sire is an own son of Colonel Hotrodder. His dam is a large, beautiful mare we raised out of a Prince Plaudit granddaughter we owned for many years. Needless to say, this cross produced a fantastic all-around prospect for a buyer actively seeking a large, well-muscled athletic foal. 

Sonitas Hot Socks and Dreamy White Delite
This mare has produced two outstanding colts for us, and we are extremely excited to see what she'll do with Hot Socks. The foal should be arriving in late March or early April, and we can hardly wait to see the result of this cross. Sugar is homozygous for LP, so the foal will either be a chestnut or bay leopard or blanketed foal. "Sugar" was raised here at the B and L Horse Ranch and carries the bloodlines of our two program-building stallions, Mighty White Brother and Argentarius. 

Sonitas Hot Socks and Mighty Angelic Dream
This Mighty White Brother daughter is a beautiful, well-bred buckskin snowcap (homozygous for LP) so this foal will also be born with appaloosa characteristics/coat pattern. Chances are excellent for a bay or buckskin with a large, spotted blanket, and the resulting foal with have a pedigree chock-full of proven, world-class bloodlines including Abdulls Pok A Son, Joker B, Go Meyer Kim, Spotted Jim, Apache, Mighty Bright, Sun Spot J, Mighty Peavy, Hayes Roman Cloud and LIttle Britches K. This mare has been an outstanding producer for us, and we are really looking forward to her upcoming mid-April foal. 

Sonitas Hot Socks and Mighty White Delight
​​​​We crossed our other Mighty White Brother daughter with Hot Socks, knowing we have a very good chance at a loud bay or buckskin leopard! One thing is certain, this foal will be born with appaloosa characteristics/coat pattern. Bloodlines include the ApHC greats Prince Plaudit, Freckles Bandit, Joker B, Apache, Abdulls Pok A Son, Go Meyer Kim, Spotted Jim, Sun Spot J and Mighty Bright. We raised this mare, and we are especially looking forward to this foal as June Bug has YET to give us a colt, but we have a really good feeling about this year! Foal is due in mid-April. 

Sonitas Hot Socks and Champagne Reflection
Pale Rider's first foal will be a family affair of anticipation and raw nerves, as this is Spook's favorite horse (he personally delivered her) and something special is definitely in the works. We weren't planning to breed Pale Rider, but she had other plans, and in retrospect we are glad this meeting occured. Foal has an excellent chance of appaloosa color combined with the following possibilities: dun, champagne, cream or any combination as she carries them all. Bloodlines will include Bright Reflection, BEB, Princes Jim, Joker B, Wapiti, Mighty Peavy and Goer. Foal is due in mid-April.

Sonitas Hot Socks and Chilled Champagne
We crossed our hip-spotted appaloosa Chiller daughter with our Colonel Hotrodder son hoping for a spotted champagne or dun dilution foal (or both). This foal will will be athletic, smart and gorgeous, and a gold champagne or dun will only make a good thing better! We raised this mare here at the ranch, and she is one of only two Chiller daughters in our program. Bloodlines include the ApHC greats Dreamfinder, Spittin Image, Mighty Bright, BEB and Peavy Bimbo. Foal is due in early May.
Sonitas Hot Socks and Dixie Shidrift

We crossed our Jamison Ranch mare with our Colonel Hotrodder son for a an outstanding AQHA foal that could well replace Sonitas Hot Socks in our breeding program. This mare has continually been an outstanding producer of both AQHA and ApHC foals, and nothing would make us happier than a gorgeous grullo stud prospect. Foal is due in early May. 

Paradise In White and Glass Eyed Chex
We were so impressed with this cross in 2017 we decided to do it again! Last year's colt was a gorgeous gold champagne with a loud, spotted blanket, and we are sure she'll produce something equally as nice this year regardless of whether the foal is a champagne. Chexy has continuously been one of our very top producers, and we're excited for this foal to arrive. Bloodlines include Prince Plaudit, Joker B, Mighty Tim and and Abdulls Pok A Son. Foal is due in early May.

Paradise In White and SMB Honey Bun

This foal will be a well-built chestnut or palomino leopard if all goes as planned. Although we sold the mare we have retained the foal and depending on whether it's a filly or colt we may list it for sale. Bloodlines include some of the best bloodlines in the appaloosa industry, including Abduls Pok A Son, Joker B, Prince Plaudit, Apache and BEB. Foal is due in early May.

Sarkes Brio Frost and Jamaicas Gold
This is a remarkable cross that produces some of our largest, loudest colored foals in a variety of colors including classic champagne, jet-black and even chestnut. Best of all the foals are laid-back, easy to train and gorgeous. We are always excited to see the results of this cross. Frost is a National Top-10 and ApHC point-earner. Bloodlines include the appaloosa greats Prince Plaudit, Simcoes Sarcee, Red Eagle, Leopard Cortez, Mansfields Comanche and Old Pay Day. 

Sarkes Brio Frost and Champagne N Moonlite

This foal will be the third time we've crossed Frost with Luna. The first foal was a gorgeous classic champagne with a spotted blanket and the second was a gorgeous grulla filly. We can only cross our fingers and hope for something equally as nice with foal number three! Frost is a National Top-10 and ApHC point-earner. Luna was raised here at the B and L Horse Ranch. Bloodlines of this foal will include the appaloosa greats Prince Plaudit, Simcoes Sarcee, Red Eagle, Leopard Cortez, Mansfields Comanche and Old Pay Day.