As a breeding operation, we haven't owned many geldings, preferring instead to ride our stallions and broodmares. This changed in 2012 when PSSM1 came in to our lives and our beloved, valued stallions tested positive for this genetic defect. Our former stallions Argentarius, I Dream Of Champagne and Two Buck Baron were castrated because of their PSSM1 n/P1 status and are now beloved riding geldings for our friends and family. These horses remain a valued part of our lives and are ridden on a regular basis with no issues. Put quite simply, we attribute this to several factors including luck, feed, genetics, environment and lifestyle. Others have struggled with PSSM1 positive horses, and it is for this reason we chose to eliminate PSSM1 from our breeding stock. In this day and age with available testing I believe we should give horses the best chance possible for a healthy, happy existence. All current stallions and broodmares in this program are negative for the dominant genetic defects PSSM1 and HYPP. We do have riding geldings who are PSSM1 n/P1, and we have not experienced any PSSM-related issues with these horses. That said, our former stallions are fantastic, well-bred, proven horses and we will love them, ride them and care for them until they die of old age. We embrace the familiar saying it takes a good stallion to make a great gelding. 

Argentarius (ApHC)
Argentarius is a 1998 blanketed bay roan son of the legendary hall of fame stallion Dreamfinder and grandson of the hall of fame horse Goer. He was our senior stallion at the B and L Horse Ranch for 11 years, and he had quite a run producing quality colored appaloosa foals with his gentle nature and kind disposition. With the discovery of the genetic defect PSSM1 and subsequent tie to the Dreamfinder line, we tested Argentarius in 2012 and discovered he was n/P1. It was at this time we made the decision to castrate him, and Argie is now a favorite riding gelding here at the ranch. Whether intact or a gelding, Argie has always been gentle, and even as a stallion ranch visitors had the opportunity to ride Argie if they so desired. In short, Argie sired beautiful foals with proven bloodlines and gentle dispositions. These continue to be the qualities we strive for in our breeding program, and we have retained two Argie daughters, a granddaughter and a grandson (all PSSM1 n/n) to carry on everything positive he had to offer our clients and this program. It has been a pleasure to own this beautiful, well-bred, kind-hearted animal. Argie stands at 15.3 hh. Leased to our good friend Jill and family!
Chareds White Cloud (ApHC)
Information coming soon!
I Dream Of Champagne (ApHC)
We raised Drummer here at the B and L Horse Ranch. He is a fantastic 2006 blanketed amber champagne son of our former stallion Argentarius, and one of our greatest accomplishments as breeders for more reasons than we came name. He had a rough start at life the day he was born, getting attacked by dogs and injured before he or his dam were even able to stand. Marching in place like the trooper he is (he could not move forward due to injuries) he reminded us of a little drummer boy and proved he had the will to continue on. As a mature stallion, Drummer has been an excellent producer of good-minded, well-built, trainable appaloosas with athletic ability and flashy color. Unfortunately Drummer inherited his sire's PSSM1 n/P1 status and was subsequently castrated like his sire as well. The good news is we have a gorgeous amber champagne Drummer son who is 5-panel tested and n/n across the board and as sweet and even-tempered as his sire and grandsire. Although he is no longer a stallion, Drummer continues to be a gentle, excellent trail mount and ambassador for the appaloosa breed at the B and L Horse Ranch. He stands at 15.2 hh. Not for sale.
Star-Lord (grade appaloosa) SOLD to Wyoming!
Star-Lord is a 2007 dark bay/black leopard grade (no papers) appaloosa gelding who has been used as a family riding mount for a Kansas couple with several children. Unfortunately they had to move and were unable to take Star-Lord with them. He is a loving, well broke gelding with a gentle nature who likes children. He is also sure-footed and smooth-gaited with a willingness to hit the trails. He is always easy to catch, lead and load. He is a good leader and not afraid to walk out and take charge with a large group of riders. Star-Lord stands at 14.2 hh with medium width. He can be hardship registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club if so desired.
Two Buck Baron (AQHA) Pedigree
Red Buck is a 2000 chestnut Pitzer Ranch-bred son of the AQHA Superhorse Two Eyed Red Buck I purchsed as a weanling from Jim Brinkman in Ericson, Neb. He is Pitzer Ranch-bred top and bottom, and his outstanding disposition and beauty personify why Pitzer Ranch breeding is as good as it gets regarding world-class ranch horse lines. Red Buck has been both a top-producing stallion and gentle riding mount for us. On a personal note, he is the last horse I trained under saddle alone due to my aging process, and I can honestly say he was one of the easiest horses I've ever worked with. Unfortunately, Red Buck tested PSSM1 n/P1 in 2012 so we made the difficult decision to castrate him. The good news is he remains a gentle, laid-back riding mount for us to this day. Bloodlines include the AQHA greats Mr Baron Red, Red Baron Bell, Baron Bell, Two Eyed Jack, Harlans Tyree and Tyree. We do have a Red Buck daughter in our program to continue these outstanding lines. Red Buck stands at 15 hh wih good width. He is not for sale.